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Our Ethics Policy

Rising Asia Journal upholds the highest standards throughout the entire editorial process. Every article is peer reviewed and edited in order to ensure that only the best scholarship is accepted for publication in keeping with our academic benchmarks.

Our process of evaluation of articles starts with an initial reading by the Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Board that make sure that the articles are original works that add value by presenting a novel approach or by making a new/innovative contribution. Next, our external Peer Reviewers conduct a detailed evaluation and offer written comments on the articles. The final decision on publishing is made by the Editor-in-Chief, while the Editorial Staff ensures that the articles are complete in all respects. Through the process, the Editors of Rising Asia Journal operate ethically and transparently.

Ethical Guidelines for Authors

All Authors submitting articles to Rising Asia Journal must provide a written declaration that their submitted work contains no material that can be construed as libelous or infringing in any way on the copyright of another party. If an Editor discovers that an article (1) raises concerns about plagiarism; (2) that the Author has fabricated research; (3) that the article has been published before; (4) that the Author has failed to disclose conflict of interest; and (5) a major error has been published that needs a correction, the Editors will review the matter in consultation with each other and reach a conclusion in order to preserve the integrity of the scholarly record.

Responsibilities of Authors

Authors must ensure

Process of Handling Alleged Plagiarism
After a case of suspected plagiarism is detected by the Editors, the Editorial Board, or the Peer Reviewers, the following process starts: the Editors conduct a thorough examination of the article/s in question. In case of extensive plagiarism, the article/s will be rejected, and the Author will be informed about the decision. The decision of the Editor-in-Chief will be final.

Authors/Co-Authors and Collaborators
Manuscripts should only list the names of the main Author and of the Co-authors that have made a significant contribution to the article. Persons that have participated in substantive aspects of the work should be acknowledged separately at the end of the article as “Contributors.” The final version of a manuscript must be approved by the Author and the Co-authors before submission.

Responsibilities of Peer Reviewers

Peer reviewers must

Responsibilities of Editorial Board Members

Editorial Board members should

Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief

The Editor-in-Chief must

Post-publication Debate, Feedback and Retraction

Letters to the Editor
Rising Asia Journal encourages debate on articles after publication. Readers may send “Letters to the Editor” that will be posted on the journal’s website.

Corrections and Clarifications
Errors in articles, or clarifications, will be posted in the following issue.

Retraction of Articles
The Journal may retract an article in case of (1) extensive plagiarism; (2) intentional academic misconduct, such as (a) simultaneous submissions and publication in one or multiple journals; (b) conflict of interest; and (c) fabrication or manipulation of data, or failure to comply with research protocols. In these instances, the article will be removed from the journal following a decision by the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board.