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LALNUNDIKA HNAMTE, Member, Editorial Board

Dr. Lalnundika Hnamte is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Pachhunga University College, a constituent College of Mizoram University since 2019. Previously, he worked as Research Associate in Mizoram University during 2013-2015, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, ICFAI University Mizoram from 2015-19.

Lalnundika has BA and MA degrees from St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bengaluru, and M. Phil. Degree from University of Hyderabad. He was awarded PhD degree in Political Science by Mizoram University in April 2021 for the topic entitled, Conflict Resolution in Northeast India: A Comparative Study of the Peace Accords of Assam and Mizoram.

His areas of interests are Peace and Conflict Resolution, Northeast Indian politics, Sixth Schedule and tribal autonomy, Migration and Citizenship, and the Look East/Act East Policy.

Some of his publications are: “Institutional Framework for Development of North-East India: The Role of the North Eastern Council” with Ivaturi Ramabrahmam, Indian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. LXII No.4, October-December 2016: 889-904; “Components of Peacebuilding: Conflict Resolution through Political, Social and Economic Development with Reference to Northeast India,” Mizoram University Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Vol III, Issue 1, June 2017: 40-48 “A Durable Peace with a Weak Accord in Mizoram,” Rising Asia Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1 (Winter/Spring), January to April, 2021; “Demand for Expansion of Powers by the Autonomous District Councils of Mizoram” in Jagadish K. Patnaik, Jangkhongam Doungel and Ayangbam Shyamkishor (eds), Autonomy Movements and Politics of Regionalism in Northeast India Balaji Publications, Meerut, 2018); “Politics of Changing Alliances: Rethinking the Pre-Poll ‘Politricks’ during the Mizoram Assembly Elections of 2018,” in Lalmalsawma Khiangte and F. Lalramhluni (eds.) Electoral Politics in Mizoram: Emerging Issues and Trends (Mittal Publication, New Delhi, 2021); and Prohibition: A Socio-Economic Assessment of Gujarat and Mizoram (Serials Publication, New Delhi, 2014).