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Rising Asia Foundation (RAF) is a non-profit professional society of scholars based in Kolkata that works in the area of education to help needy students realize their dream of pursuing university studies in India and in neighboring countries. Rising Asia operates a range of educational and training programs to assist students, and plans to take its educational outreach to the grassroots by extending funds to colleges in villages and small towns to help the poorest students.

Rising Asia occupies a niche area. It is the only foundation in India that specializes in the study of the Eastern world, starting from India’s Northeast to Southeast Asia, and East Asia, encompassing China, Japan and the Koreas, and as far south as Australia. The RAF works through our board of Trustees, board of advisors, and editorial board drawn from scholars and businesspersons in India, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States and Canada. The RAF has partnerships with the Royal Academy of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, and the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia in Jakarta.

The RAF raises funds from philanthropists, companies, and individual donors for its Rising Asia Fellowships for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, particularly the needy and promising students. The Fellowships provide financial aid for their university education and are disbursed to our participating colleges and institutions based on the criterion that the beneficiary students are from low-income families. The aim of the fellowships is to ensure that bright and needy students need not give up their higher education just because they lack the resources. The RAF maintains close contact with the student grantees through their university years by engaging them in conferences, and encouraging them to write research articles and papers for our Rising Asia Journal. The RAF also conducts training programs and conferences, aiming to improve the scholarly skills of students.

The donor funds enable the RAF to publish its flagship Rising Asia Journal three times a year. The journal serves as a vehicle to promote excellence in innovative research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The mission of RAF is to promote excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presentation of all aspects of Asia—history, economy, arts and culture, literature, diaspora, gender, indigenous studies, diplomacy, peace studies, and military affairs. Our members include college and university professors, schoolteachers, students, and scholars employed in national and global multilateral organizations and the private sector.

Please Donate to our Programs:

  • Rising Asia Scholarship Aid (RASA) for university education of needy students.
  • Rising Asia Grassroots Action (RAGA) for the poorest primary school and college students in villages and small towns.
  • Rising Asia Publishing Scheme (RAPS) to support the publication of our Rising Asia Journal, and our other publications.
  • Rising Asia Foundation Training Scheme (RAFTS) to run training programs and workshops for primary and university students.
  • Rising Asia Research Endowment (RARE) to fund research by college/ university students in our areas of interest.

Rising Asia Foundation is a Registered Trust under Section 80G (5)(iv) read with Section 12A (1)(B)/10(23c) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Please send your donations to:

Account number: 40241988166.
State Bank of India, Alipore Branch, Kolkata.
IFSC: SBIN0000004.

The mission of the RAF is shaped by the following principles:

The Promotion of Scholarship: The RAF promotes and enhances the teaching of, and research in, Asian societies through its journal, Rising Asia, and through its programs such as its Annual Conferences, roundtable discussions, and student-led colloquia.

Bridges with other Asian Scholarly Entities: The RAF maintains scholarly links with colleges, universities, and research organizations in several countries in order to share research and ideas.

Ethics and Integrity: The RAF believes ethics, honesty, transparency and integrity are the foundation for all scholarship.